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See my Books:   Features: You do not have to have Flash installed or open a fla to edit this template. Unlimited modules can be added to the menu. In the Site Template is attached module Exclusive …

IntroOne – XML Driven Dynamic Flash Intro – ActiveDen


IntroOne is XML driven, dynamic Flash intro with particle blast effect. It can display any number of text/slogans synchronized with background sound. You can also include single image/logo using img tag. Sound, images and swf font libraries are externally loaded, and there are over 30 available XML settings, what allows you customize this intro with no need to open Flash.


Shooting Range Gallery – Premium Flash game – ActiveDen


Complete, fully functional ‘Shooting Gallery’ style carnival game, 9 different theme levels, 28 different random targets, music, sound effect, and advanced scoring. Thegame engines is very simple and well documented, so you can convert the look and feel to match your reqiurements within few minutes!

This is complete Flash game project for Adobe Flash CS and later, based on Action Script 3 language.


PhotoBooth – Webcam image capture – ActiveDen


This application allows you to take webcam photos and save them on a server. It’s XML based so you can easily customize it. If you want you can create different configuration XML files for a site with different languages (example: config_en.xml; config_it.xml etc), and choose through flashvars witch XML to load.

You’ll need a server with ASP or PHP support (both ASP and PHP files are included in this pakage)