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Full XML Template – FlashDen


This package comes with everything that you need in order to build yourself a great portfolio or site or whatever. You got FLA ’s to all the files.

* XML driven, 3 level, sliding menu (infinite vertical items)
* XML driven News Module (supports HTML tags)
* XML driven sliding portfolio Module
* XML driven horizontal sliding portfolio presentation Module
* XML driven HTML formatted text with scrollbar
* Advanced contact form (PHP driven) with send notice
* XML driven background changer (jpeg,swf,flv)
* XML driven mini mp3 player
* Simple FLV player
* FullScreen feature
* Logo and footer externally loaded
* Individual modules (inside the package)

* This template gives you the ability to load any external swf file inside in just seconds. So if you bought something from FD or whatever and you wanna use it, the only thing that you need to do is add your swf path inside the menu’s xml. My template takes care of the rest(preloading, arrange-ing, etc).

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Demo :

Supernova XML Website – Flashden


Horizontal Navigation with Drop Down Menus
To add content pages you can edit the navigation XML file where you can specify each content SWF to be loaded. The main navigation also supports Sub Menus, see “Sub Menu Example” in the menu. There are also settings in the XML to change the image path to Company Logo, set horizontal position of top navigation and edit footer text.

Load your own SWF
The home page is an example of a loaded SWF with a Flash animation. Please note that the home animation is not XML driven – it’s merely for display purposes. Also note the the ‘View Features’ button is an example of how you can do an internal link on a button to go from one content page to another.

FlashDen – Premium Flash Template

The Premium Flash Template is a fully configurable and easy to use web template with a lot of great features. You can create attractive functional pages just with a few mouse clicks. The Premium Flash Template supports deep linking, which means that you can link to any specific part of the website. Deep linking also lets you use the browser’s back and forward buttons. You don’t need to download any other 3rd party frameworks to achieve deep linking. It’s built-in and ready to use. It works even for the gallery photos, try it out for yourself and see.
The Premium Flash Template has 6 different page modules and each can be reused multiple times. These modules are;

* Banner Page
* Standart Page
* News Page
* Portfolio Page
* Photo Gallery Page
* Contact Page

Features at a glance:
* Allows you to use the same modules multiple times. No duplication needed. Everything is managed through XML files.
* Fully supports deep linking (No external framework needed)
* Has an easy to use integrated photo gallery. (Can be used several times under different menus)
* Manage pages through XML , create hidden pages and share your deep links.
* Includes rotating news line component in the main page to announce the latest news.
* Includes an mp3 player with a real equalizer.
* Compact file size (187kb for the whole website)
* Allows you to use the external background files.
* Smart page caching system.
* Comes with a single SWF file (You don’t need to maintain multiple SWF files)
* Has 6 different modules (Banner page, standart page, photo gallery, news page, portfolio page, contact page)
* You can load external SWF files.
* Has a PHP based dynamic contact form.
* Developed using the latest flash technology AS3 .
* No timeline code is used so you don’t have to spend hours to find the code in the timeline. There are fully commented external AS3 class files.
* Change content, colors, etc through XML .
* Comes with a help file covering each topic in detail.

DEMO : Premium Flash Template – Site Templates – FlashDen

Flashden – XML Business Web Site

XML Business Template’s Menu Features:

* You can add unlimited number of categories & menus
* You can add unlimited sub-menu
* You can add unlimited content page & gallery page
* You can add external SWF , JPG, PNG , GIF page

XML Business Template’s Banner Rotator Features:

* You can add unlimited number items
* You can add use SWF , JPG, PNG , GIF
* You can write long description
* You can use HTML -TAG in description

XML Business Template’s Icons Features:

* You can fix the bottom icons easyly
* You can do icon link for any page
* You can use SWF link, JPG link, PNG link, GIF lin or content page link

XML Business Template’s Bottom Boxes Features:

* You can fix the bottom boxes easyly
* You can do boxes link for any page with a image
* You can use SWF link, JPG link, PNG link, GIF lin or content page link

XML Business Template’s Gallery Features:

* You can add unlimited number of categories & pages
* You can add unlimited dropdown menu
* You can use photo gallery with categories
* You can use video gallery with categories
* You can use contents with categories
* You can write long – content text with HTML -TAG

XML Business Template’s Contact Features:

* You can fix it from contact.xml
* You can add multiple address, emails, telephones, faxs
* You can use AUTO RESPONSE


Flashden – Camaleon – Full Flash CMS Template

Camaleon – Full Flash CMS Template
HTML | FLA | SWF | PHP | XML | JS | MP3 | JPG | 24.8 Mb

– Full Flash Template with C.M.S panel, add, update and delete your template without leaving the browser.
– Three diferents themes included in the cms_themes folder ( multicolour,dark and clean)
– 6 Modules included ( about,news,portfolio,contact,links and guestbook)
– Load Jpg,Png and Swf on each module
– Guestbook with a worldwide country flag
– Random music with fade in and fade out option Automatic scroll for long texts.
– All fonts included.
– Action Script commented


Add an user :

INSERT INTO `cms_login_v1` (`id`, `username`, `userpassword`) VALUES (1, ‘admin’, ‘admin’);